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 What's new in June 2022


- 3 Can't-Miss Summer Seminars -


Break away to L.A. this summer, take your training to another level, and get tons of inspiration from Dave at our next 3 can't-miss seminars here at the Elite Center. These workshops are HOT and seating is limited so get your seat reserved today to avoid missing out! 


Up Your Business 4.0 Super Leadership Workshop

July 20-21 - SOLD OUT!

September 14-15 - Get your seat today


Great for both aspiring and experienced leaders alike! If you haven't been to Dave's Up Your Business workshop lately - or at all - you're missing out on vital information to stay at the cutting edge of leadership. See the workshop page below for more details on this high-impact 2 day experience with Dave.  


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Mindset Mastery

August 10-11 - ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT!


If diving deeper into personal growth principles with Dave is something you're serious about, this workshop is one you won't want to miss! Guests of our new Mindset Mastery workshop last month enjoyed Dave's coaching on crafting intentional growth routines and rituals, raising personal standards across multiple life arenas simultaneously, elevating performance, and more. Special presentations by guest speakers Paul Mulcahy of Rutgers Basketball and Meyers Leonard of the NBA further helped guests as these two shared personal insights on: the impact and power of routines, how to overcome adversity, bringing consistent performance day-in- day-out, and more. 


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See our full calendar of events, including all thirteen of 2023's scheduled events at https://www.learntolead.com/events.




- New Dave On Demand Download & Rental -


Leader at his desk with head in hands


Being "positive all the time" doesn't come naturally because the brain is not designed to make you happy or positive, but to help you survive. In this program Dave discusses the brain's natural bias towards negativity and how to intentionally work against this natural wiring to build a robust mindset that's focused on what's positive, possible, and productive. 


SPECIAL: All month long you can enjoy this new program as a 3-day rental for just $9.18 (normally $27); or download and save it to train forever on for just $37.06 (normally $109). More details. 



- New Virtual Training Additions for June -


Person using computer at desk


We're adding these new training topics in May on our various virtual training platforms:

  • Topical Sales Course: Ten Ways to Build Self-Esteem and Higher Sales
  • Management Q&A: How can I make an employee care more?
  • Sales Q&A: How can I stay motivated when the people on my team keep putting me down?
  • Management Coaching Clip: Take Your Time
  • Sales Coaching Clip: Follow-up or Foul up
  • Motivational Minute: Start with Structure


If you'd like a test drive to sample any of these programs or hundreds like them, contact Ryan at Ryan@learntolead.com or call 818-735-9503.




- May Highlights -


Dave Anderson and Paul Mulcahy in the LearnToLead Production Studio

Dave with Rutgers University Men's Basketball's Paul Mulcahy, recording episode #324 of The Game Changer Life Podcast, "Structure Makes You Stronger." 


In May, our new Mindset Mastery workshop had its first run at the Elite Center, and it was a huge hit! Dave impacted guests with principles applicable to all of life's arenas including: developing an intentional mindset routine; how to have good "crappy days;" the importance of often-overlooked areas (sleep, hydration, breathing); and more! It was a class unlike any other, as Dave included special guest presentations by Paul Mulcahy of Rutgers Basketball, and Meyers Leonard of the NBA.  


Dave and Meyers Leonard

Above, Meyers Leonard speaking to guests on resiliency and overcoming adversity. Below, Paul Mulcahy sharing the impact that crafting intentional growth routines and rituals has played in his life. 


Dave and Paul Mulcahy  


Paul and Meyers graciously gave their time, and guests enjoyed the opportunity for Q&A, pictures with, and book signings by the two. Dave's friend Thomas Bryant, center for the Washington Wizards, happened to be in the area and dropped by to say hi at the end of the workshop. 


Dave with Meyers Paul and Thomas

When you're standing next to Meyers, Paul, and Thomas, you look small no matter how tall you are!


In May, longtime clients and friends of LearnToLead - Team CarHop - hosted their annual leadership summit at the Elite Center. This amazing group of leaders is committed to growing themselves and their people to new heights. 


Dave with CarHop

"Bonding over Bourbon" - a celebratory post-Executive Session toast to success in putting plans to action.


Dave turned 61 in May, and shared his birthday in Long Island with the Empire Automotive Group, training their 800+ team members on building an "Intentional Mindset." Dave remarked that there was no better way to spend a birthday than continuing to be able to do what you love and what brings you passion.  


Dave with Empire Automotive's CEO Michael Brown


Dave in Long Island with Empire Automotive Group's CEO, Michael Brown.



What's Next -


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