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Do you or does someone you know, need immediate solutions to situations like these:


  • Life is out of balance and stress is increasing.
  • A need for more motivation
  • A lack of enthusiasm for your work, or for life overall.
  • A lack of consistency that's hurting results.
  • You need more discipline at work or in your personal life.
  • You want to have a more positive impact on others.
  • You need stronger relationships in your life.
  • You feel work/life is out of control, and need to get control back.
  • You're in despair, and are at a low point that seems helpless.


We could go on, but you get the idea...


Did you know that Dave Anderson has created free podcast messages that address every one of these situations and hundreds of others just like them?

Dave started The Game Changer Life podcast in May 2017, and since then it's gotten popular - wildly popular! In fact, it's helping people now in over 70 countries get more out of life and work. Masses of people who have never listened to podcasts before are getting energized by The Game Changer Life.

If you haven't checked it out, or maybe you have but not lately, it's time for a look. Episodes range from two to twenty'ish minutes in length, and new content is posted weekly. They share hundreds of solutions to real-world situations, but the message you don't listen to can't help you.


 Dave and special guest Meyers Leonard

Dave and special guest Meyers Leonard from the Portland Trail Blazers


By the way...


When you follow the instructions below for finding The Game Changer Life podcast, here's where you can find the episodes that address each of the nine scenarios mentioned above:

  • Episode #15: Get Your Life in Balance
  • Episode#21: 7 Ways to Motivate Yourself
  • Episode #31: How to Master the Art of Enthusiasm
  • Episode #41: The Power of Consistency
  • Episode #54: You Can Develop More Discipline
  • Episode #89: The Miracle of Encouragement
  • Episode #99: The Power of Robust Relationships
  • Episode #107: Be the Boxer, not the Bag
  • Episode #112: Despair Doesn't Mean Defeat


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