Lead Effectively through Crisis and Recovery


Crises come and go throughout a business career. Leading effectively through one and in the recovery period requires a different skillset and style of leadership in order to maximize results and productivity when chaos becomes your new normal. It's an essential skillset in leaders who last over time, and the strategies and principles shared in these resources below will help you build confidence, reduce stress, and lead effectively through these unique times. These crisis and recovery resources will be available without the need to register as an Insider, and free of charge, for a limited time. Please take advantage of them, share them with friends and colleagues who may benefit, and check back from time to time to avail yourself of the new material we'll be adding. Enjoy, be well, be unfazed, be unstoppable!





Enjoy this complimentary training material from our online subscription-based learning platform at www.AndersonVT.com. This material is directed specifically to the COVID-19 virus crisis and instructs how to lead oneself and one's team, whether you're locked down at home or still in the arena. Below you'll find two courses (approximately 25 minutes each), accompanied by downloadable fill-in-the-blank handouts. In addition to the "How to Effectively Lead Through Crisis" courses, you'll find a collection of shorter crisis-themed clips in the 2-3 minute range with broad leadership, sales, and motivational applicability.



How to Effectively Lead Through Crisis - Part I


Click here to download the handout for Part I, then click the chapter titles below to watch on Dave's private Vimeo channel.


How to Effectively Lead Through Crisis - Part II


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Sales Q&As




Management Coaching Clips




Sales Coaching Clips




Motivational Minutes






Enjoy this 60-second excerpt of an actual video conference Dave did with a client. To learn more about bringing him in virtually and exclusively for your team on topics of your choice, visit https://www.learntolead.com/dave-on-zoom.





#195: Six Ways to Stay Up in Down Times



Down times are a fact of life; but, no matter what hard times we may face in our lives, we can adopt the mindset to stay up and unstoppable - and this episode shares 6 helpful ways for you to do just that. 



#196: Stay UP Series: Maximize Your Off Season




For many, this virus crisis feels like an off season - which begs the question, what are you doing to maximize it so you can leverage your advantage when game time comes up again?



#198 Stay UP Series: THIS is Not a License for Laziness



This virus crisis isn't a reason to lose discipline and focus, slack on your productive routines, and compromise your values even when things get tough - THIS is not a license for laziness!




#199: Stay UP Series: Be Serving...Not Served



During a crisis you may not be able to make the money that you're used to making; but, you can make a bigger difference than you've ever made. And that all depends on whether your mindset and attitude is to look to serve others or to be served by them.




#200: Stay UP Series: Don't Miss the Lessons



Tough times provide us opportunities to become better personally and professionally; but, getting better as a result of a crisis, isn't so much about "getting through it" as it is "getting from it" and embracing the mindset to not miss the lessons.




#202: Stay UP Series: Create a One-Week Game Plan



When things are out of order or in disarray, your mindset can get so bogged down that you don't plan ahead or move forward mentally to what will come next when order returns. In this episode, Dave discusses how to stay mentally sharp and focused so that you keep moving forwards instead of behaving reactively to what's going on around you.




#203: Stay UP Series: Positivity for Today. Optimism for Tomorrow



Positivity and optimism are two similar yet different concepts and in this session Dave shares why both are necessary for living the game changer life, and how you can develop them both in your life despite these unique times.




#204: Stay UP Series: It's Time to Move On



Game changers identify what they must do daily to move forward, and while you may not yet be able to move on physically from this virus crisis, you can move on mentally and start to plan for what you're going to do once this is behind you. In this session Dave shares ideas and suggestions for how you can mentally move forward now.




Enjoy this excerpt from our May 19th Livestream on How to Recover from a Crisis...and Be Better Than You Were Before." Join Dave in our monthly Livestream training sessions - for details and to register, visit https://www.learntolead.com/livestream.




Leading Yourself Well Through Crisis


In this session, Dave discusses what leaders, managers, and salespeople need to focus on during these times, whether they're under stay-at-home orders or still in the workplace. Watch this interview here.



Specific Strategies to Benefit from the Crisis


A crisis presents unique advantages to organizations - if the leaders of organizations are focused on the things they can control and on not wasting a crisis, they will thrive. In this session, Dave discusses how to not waste a crisis, and how to best leverage the opportunities a crisis can bring so you can lead your team to new heights in spite of the adversity that tough times may present. Watch this interview here.



How to Set Intelligent Goals When Things Are So Uncertain


In this interview, Dave discusses how to set intelligent and realistic goals (both for yourself and your team), as well as managing expectations amidst a crisis. Watch this interview here.



The Right Way to Ask Your Employees to Make Sacrifices


One of the toughest conversations in leadership can be asking your team to make sacrifices (in compensation, scheduling, responsibilities, and more) - especially in these unique times. In this session Dave shares strategies and leadership principles to help you tackle that tough conversation with confidence. Watch this interview here.



Accountability Will Be the New Rule When Bringing Back Employees Post Covid-19


If there's one area where leaders can get a fresh start that will really help them when coming back, it's to redefine or reintroduce clarity and get better at accountability. Here Dave shares how to strengthen accountability by first creating or reintroducing clarity about what you expect. Watch this interview here.



How to Get Your Employees on Board for More Changes After This Crisis is Over


If you really want to get buy-in from your team on any changes you're making as a result of this crisis, they must first buy into YOU as a leader. Buy-in isn't automatic - it's earned and in this conversation, Dave shares keys to earning their buy-in in you, so they buy into the changes you implement, and the places you want to take the team. Watch this interview here



The Best Strategy for Growing Your Business Through the Covid-19 Recovery


What most leaders do when wanting to grow their business, is look to add more headcount in an effort to increase productivity. In this session, Dave urges you to reconsider that notion and shares how to take the people you already have and make them more productive. Watch this interview here



Managing 3 Types of Employees on Your Team


As a leader, it's important to understand that not everyone responds to changes in the same way. In this interview, Dave discusses three basic groups on a team and their reactions to change and provides strategies to help lower resistance to any changes you're making during a crisis or in the recovery. Watch this interview here.




Avoid Repeating Past Management Mistakes


Accountability is ultimately something you do FOR someone, not TO someone, and in this interview, Dave discusses why accountability - done the right way - doesn't create a hostile or stressful work environment but instead prevents one. Watch this interview here.



How to Stay Productive with a Smaller Team


Working with a thinner team presents unique challenges when trying to stay productive, as you're doing more work with fewer people and often finding yourself wearing more hats and spread thin. It's tough to progress until you stop the glorification of busy, and start the prioritization of what matters most daily, and in this session, Dave discusses how to stay productive when working with a shorter headcount. Watch this interview here




How to Fire Up Your Team for the Future


It's common for leaders to look for quick and easy ways to motivate people with bonuses and incentive programs; but, in reality, the more of this that you need to motivate your people, the less you're ever going to get out of them. Inspiring your people and propelling them towards their dreams and aspirations needs to go beyond those external sources of motivation, and in this session Dave shares how you can get your people inspired and motivated at a much higher level than any incentive or reward you could offer. Watch this interview here.



How to Improve Your Team's Killer Instinct and Mental Toughness


Killer instinct and mental toughness aren't synonymous, and in this interview, Dave discusses why both are necessary, and how you can help your people develop both essential skillsets - and in the process, help your people increase their confidence and resilience. Watch this interview here.



Should you re-evaluate your team's year-end goals for 2020?


As businesses battle the onslaught that the current virus crisis has brought, many leaders are asking themselves, "Should I re-evaluate our team's year-end goals for 2020?" With much time still left to go in the year, in this interview Dave shares keys for what to look at and consider when you're evaluating making adjustments to your year-end goals. Watch this interview here.



How to Utilize the 4 Levels of Employee Accountability


There are 4 levels of accountability in any organization and within its departments. And while there's normally a blend of all 4 levels, one level often dominates - and that level tells a lot about the leader, culture, and team members. If you want to improve performance, you need to improve the level of accountability, and in this interview, Dave shares the 4 levels so you can conduct an accountability check-up. Watch this interview here.



The Importance of Creating a High Performing Culture as you Move on from COVID-19


It's a leader's duty to shape, strengthen, and protect culture. Leaders are the chief architects and primary influencers of workplace culture, and in this interview, Dave shares the 5 components for building a strong and high-performance cultural foundation. Watch this interview here.



How Leaders Should Deal with Entitlement Among Their Employees


Entitlement is when people focus more on what they are owed than on what they owe. Workplace cultures are destroyed by it, and in this interview, Dave shares ways to build a culture of merit that's grounded in "earn" and "deserve." Watch this interview here.




How Leaders Can Better Train Their Staff After the Pandemic


The strongest of business cultures don't expect talent to arrive fully developed, and thus make training, coaching, and mentoring priorities within the organization. In this interview, Dave discusses the importance of training, and how leaders can become better at developing and resourcing the growth of one of their greatest assets: the people in their charge. Watch this interview here.




Tips for Hiring the Right People for Your Team


Hiring exceptional people is one of the greatest privileges a leader can excercise. When done effectively, things can get better for the organization fast. Getting it wrong however, puts much in jeopardy. In this interview, Dave shares tips and strategies to avoid the costly mistakes of hiring recklessly and inefficiently. Watch this interview here.




Three Attributes You Need to Flourish and Stay Focused in Today's Market 


There's a real danger in declaring victory too soon, and in this interview Dave discusses three key attributes you should possess that will keep you focused and grounded as you continue in this period of recovery. Watch this interview here.




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